Welcome to Palawan

Nothing characterizes Palawan more than the water around it. With seascapes the equivalent of any in Southeast Asia, and earthly and sea-going natural life, the Philippines’ most scantily populated area is likewise the most boggling. In view of the outline of its primary island — a long fragment extending 650km the whole distance to Borneo — there’s a sure freeing rationale to go here.
Regardless of getting to be something of a movement media dear lately, Thailand– style visitors swarms still can’t seem to arrive and the principle island’s Amazonian inside remains moderately immaculate. So, the northern towns of El Nido and Coron — base camps for experiences in the Bacuit Archipelago and Calamian Islands, individually — are beginning to pull in enormous groups in the high season.
Not to fear: brave voyagers who adventure outside those two center points have innumerable spots to look over in their journey for that ideal heaven.


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