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Huawei — has anything changed? For 10 years or more, Huawei has been a noteworthy player in the UK telecoms advertise — and furthermore a major high-roller with regards to magnanimous giving and scholarly research. A wide range of British organizations and foundations have been anxious to work with the Chinese monster. So what have some of them found as of late that has all of a sudden made them alter their opinions about taking its cash? In a word, nothing. The main thing that has changed is the political atmosphere. On the off chance that you are worried about Huawei’s connections to the Chinese government, that was similarly as large a stress 10 years prior. All things considered, it’s for quite some time been realized that the originator, Ren Zhengfei, was at one time an officer in the People’s Liberation Army. Maybe there is a dread that Huawei might incorporate mystery indirect accesses with its hardware to enable the Chinese government to keep an eye on or meddl

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